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This summer Cobb salad is a grand slam

This summer Cobb salad with garden-fresh tomato is a grand slam, especially its dressing, a non-creamy, clean-eating riff on honey mustard.

Savory Takes its Turn: Sharp Cheddar Cornmeal Waffles with Fresh Parsley

Sunday has been designated “Waffle Day.” Today, though, savory took its turn. We made sharp cheddar cornmeal waffles with fresh parsley.

Even you can prepare a delectably poached egg

Long have we put the poached egg on a pedestal. We saw it as fine art and those preparing it as skilled artists. The process of making a well poached egg seemed intricate and labor intensive. It was something to savor while dining out but not to replicate at home. That was then. We have […]

It’s BLT season. Partake.

If you’re not a having a BLT a week with all these fresh tomatoes, well, God, Jed, I don’t even want to know you. As you can see, we added some extra sharp cheddar cheese to ours.. We guess it’s a BLTC. Or a BLTESCC. Or something. Whatever; it’s delicious. Normally, when posting food, G@H […]