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Posted on December 18, 2015

35 Maple Street Spirits

As children, we collected baseball cards. That was a fun, little hobby. We still have albums of them stashed in the basement. Who knows? Maybe, we’re sitting on a goldmine. That Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card might be worth a fortune. Probably not, though.

As adults, we found a far superior hobby. Oh, we still collect. Not coins or gemstones or stamps or antiques. We collect spirits. Liquor, that is. We feel such pride in our collection. We even built a bar to showcase it. Would you look at all of those glorious bottles?!

Ikea Besta Bar

Over the years, our collection has swelled. We’ve added some statement pieces. Bourbon has its own shelf. Of course, there’s an inherent problem with collecting spirits. They get drank, especially when our friends visit, especially because our friends are no-good degenerates.

A home bar that isn’t growing is shrinking. It’s due to consumption and technically evaporation. We must continually restock. So, we truly appreciate the gift of a new bottle. If you’re looking for something for someone with a home bar, large or small, or someone who simply enjoys a fine cocktail, we’d bet that they’d welcome some craft spirits from 3 Badge Mixology. They are gifts that keep on giving a couple of ounces at a time.

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1. Bib & Tucker Bourbon — $55

Distiller’s Notes: During America’s rough and tumble early days, the term “bib & tucker” was used to describe your finest attire, the kind you’d wear to a wedding or special dance. Along those same lines of thinking, we’re putting forth our finest. BIB & TUCKER is a delightfully smooth bourbon sporting notes of chestnut, and it’s crafted with a sense of dedication that can only come when you know you’re making something truly special.

Suggested Cocktail: Old Fashioned

  • 2 ounces of Bib & Tucker Bourbon
  • 3 dashes of bitters
  • 1 teaspoon sugar or cube of sugar cube
  • ice
  • garnish with orange peel and two maraschino cherries

Bib & Tucker Bourbon

2. Kirk & Sweeney 12-Year Dominican Rum — $$44

Distiller’s Notes: KIRK AND SWEENEY was a wooden schooner, best known for smuggling rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast during the early years of Prohibition. Initial taste reveals a nectar-sweet quality, leading to a weightier body that indicates substantially aged rum that’s serious in character but not overbearing. Light notes of vanilla and wood hit the palate transforming into an incredibly smooth offering.

Suggested Cocktail: Dark and Stormy

  • 2 ounces of Kirk & Sweeney 12-Year Dominican Rum
  • 3 ounces of ginger beer
  • a squeeze of fresh lime juice
  • garnish with lime wedge

Kirk & Sweeney Dominican Rum

3. Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin — $39

Distiller’s Notes: Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is both an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails. It represents a truly unique flavor profile, starting with sharp peppercorn and evolving into char and juniper. Bold yet smooth, it stays true to the Uncle Val’s line of gins.

Suggested Cocktail: Gin Martini

  • 2 ounces of Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin
  • 1 ounce dry vermouth
  • garnish with stuffed olives

Uncle Val's Peppered Gin

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