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Breaded Pork Chops Sous Vide with Tangy Mushroom Sauce

We cooked pork chops sous vide then breaded and finished them in the oven to get that crispy, crunchy crust using our faux fried technique.

Pressure Cooker Beef Cheeks in a Red Wine Gravy

Last night, we ate a better dinner than you did. We’d bet our house on it. Any takers? We didn’t think so. Just look at that photo. So delicious. Even more impressive than how the meal tasted was that we made it at home. You know, like with our bare hands. Mostly with our bare […]

Our pizza? It’s not delivery; it’s homemade–by the hands of a gentleman

Color us predictable, but we at G@H enjoy pizza. Delivery pizza, though, isn’t our deal.  Sure, the grease-stained box conjures childhood memories. We’re just left unfulfilled. Swollen yet unfulfilled. We deserve better than processed cheese and over-buttered crust. That’s why we DIY our pizza. Fresh dough. Quality toppings. Homemade sauce. Winner, winner, pizza dinner. Making […]

Sour Cream Banana Bread in the Bread Machine

Let’s be clear: this isn’t the banana bread you instinctively think of when you hear banana bread. That’s cake. This ain’t cake. It’s bread with banana as an ingredient. The banana and sour cream combine to form a moist, spongy texture. Those craving light and fluffy should look elsewhere. This bread is dense. It’s not […]

Demeter’s Greek Yogurt Bread

A gentleman should embrace his artisanal side whether it be in the workshop or the kitchen.  We at G@H love fresh bread and believe that a bread machine, though not essential, is a handy appliance for the modern bachelor.  Carb count all you want.  We refuse to live without bread, pizza, pretzels and pasta – […]