Rocky Mountain National Park: A Continent Divided Stands Just Fine

Posted on March 12, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park
We at G@H write about the home, but we spend amble time outside of it. We work. We socialize. We travel. For the modern adventurer, cosmopolitan America and the great cities of Europe offer much. Yet, when the call of the wild sounds, a gentleman answers. No fish should go unhooked or mountain unclimbed when you liberate your inner outdoorsman. A yellow-bellied marmot at Rocky Mountain National Park

From Yellowstone to the Everglades and Yosemite to Acadia, America’s National parks are awesome. Add Rocky Mountain National Park to your list. It ranks high on G&H’s top outdoor destinations. Running along the continental divide, RMNP brims with breathtaking vistas. It is a hiker’s heaven with options for all skill levels. Ramble from Bear Lake to Nymph Lake to Emerald Lake or summit Flattop Mountain. If you do not befriend a yellow-bellied marmot, you are not doing it right.

Beyond the above, ease of access makes RMNP unique. Fly into Denver, drive less than two hours, and find yourself surrounded in the park’s natural splendor. RMNP is open year-round, but stay away in the winter. Go during July or August. While it is sweltering where you live, the weather will be splendidly mild in RMNP. You may camp within the park. Otherwise, the city of Estes Park, located immediately outside RMNP, has swankier accommodations for more discerning travelers. We are not judging. After trekking 24 miles in 24 hours, you deserve a hot shower followed by a cold beer and rare a T-bone.

Thank you, John Muir.

Fern creek in Rocky Mountain National Park
Elk in Rocky Mountain National Par

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